Using a Credit Card Life Skills Unit (Chapter Slice)

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Interest Level: 7-12
Reading Level: 4-5

Help your students develop important life skills while improving their reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary! This practical unit is filled with easy-to-use activities that focus on essential vocabulary and real-life situations to help students become more confident and independent. Key words are introduced, then reinforced through step-by-step exercises emphasizing word pronunciation, definitions, spelling, handwriting, problem solving, and more! A terrific way to help your students acquire vital life skills!

Words Include: credit bureau, finance charge, monthly installments, profit, penalty, and more!

Skills Covered Include:
- Apply information
- Choose the correct word
- Expand vocabulary
- Spell correctly
- Understand meaning of words and ideas
- Use context clues
- Use dictionary and glossary skills
- Develop consumer skills
- Develop life/survival skills
- Find relevant facts
- Understand and use reference sources
- Understand consumer information

Chapter Slice: This chapter slice is a set of worksheets from Money Management Words: Life Skill Lessons. Get the complete eBook here.

This is a whiteboard-ready PDF. You will need to have the current version of Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer. If you do not have Acrobat Reader®, click here to get it for free.  

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