The Human Body: Skeletal & Muscular Systems (eBook)

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Grade Level: 4-12
Interest Level: 5-12
Reading Level: 3-4

Give your students a clear understanding of the body systems with this comprehensive and informative unit! From the “skull” to the “feet” and “tendons” to “tissue,” students will learn about human bones and muscles in this 28-lesson unit. As students gain a better understanding of the human body, they enhance their reading and comprehension skills.

- How many ribs do people have?
- What are the number of bones found in the human foot?
- What is the difference between “voluntary muscle” and “involuntary muscle?”
- What does cartilage actually do?

Contents Include:
- Glossary
- Preview Pages
- Vocabulary Lists
- Informative Readings
- Fact pages
- Diagrams
- Experiments
- Crossword puzzle and word search that can be used as pre/post tests

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