Voting Vocabulary (Chapter Slice)

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Grade Level: 6-12
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Give your students a close-up look at the inner workings of the United States' voting process. Students will use the provided glossary and an Encyclopedia or digital resource to find answers. For middle school, high school, and adult education. This 9-page unit includes a glossary and answer key.

Vocabulary Words:
- cast
- election
- poll tax
- resident
- Electoral College
- direct election
- recall
- ballot
- referendum
- 26th amendment
- precinct
- and many more!

Unit Includes:
- Crossword Puzzle & Research Activity
- Glossary Activity
- Evaluation / Critical Thinking Activity
- Cloze Reading Activity
- Matching Activity
- Glossary
- Suggestions for Use
- Answer Key

Chapter Slice: This chapter slice is a set of worksheets from The U.S. Government. Get the complete eBook U.S. Government activities that includes topics like the Constitution, the justice system, the legislatures, the electiion process, the military, and more here.

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