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Remedia Publications has been creating quality educational materials since 1978, and we have accumulated thousands of testimonials from teachers and parents. Read a few of them below. If you have feedback, suggestions, or comments on products that you love, please email us at or follow the simple steps above to share a review. We can't wait to hear from you!


"I discovered your latest catalog online, and seeing your materials online again reminds me of how much I love your materials." Nancy Nielsen, Minneapolis MN (December 2015)

"Last week I called to place an order and picked it up the next day in Scottsdale. When I arrived I was also given an assortment of books and games. I have gone through the material and can’t thank you enough. The material I purchased and the materials you gave me will help me plan lessons and help my students learn and grow in the classroom. Thank you for your kindness." Pam Jaggers

"There is no one better than Remedia Publications! I supplement our curriculum with Remedia's books for my special education students. I jut wish the 5 W's books still had the audio CDs available. For auditory students this is important. Please put the stories back on CD!"
Mish Prosser - Special Education Teacher

"I order from Remedia Publications every year and use an abundance of your books with my special education students. I find your books to be high interest, low level, and easy to work with. My students are able to complete activities without failing or giving up. It is so wonderful to see them happily completing a follow-up worksheet on their level that is age appropriate, to a concept I just taught. Your library of books provides the students with many resources and multiple activities on the same concept."
Kelly M.

“I borrowed several of your books from our Title 1 teacher. I loved them so much that I am working on buying all of your books for my classroom. They do not have "cute" pictures or information that angers high school students who need lower level work. It is also relevant information to help my students in the ‘real’ world when they graduate. Thanks a million and keep up the great work!”
Holly Malehorn - Teacher        

“...I just wanted to let you know, I love your products. I use them religiously in my classroom. I have also told friend who have told friends who have told friends about your reproducibles.”
Dottie Cornatzer          

“Keep up the great work!!! Your products mean a lot to teachers. There is nothing to compare to your products. I couldn't teach without you!!!”
Jennifer Roose          

“Most of my allotted funds for materials are spent on Remedia materials! Your products are timely, interesting, and invaluable tools for my junior high remedial students. Thanks!”   
Sandi Turner          

“I love your company. The best materials come from you! Keep making new materials. I guess I've bought from you nearly 20 years now!”
S. Hogan          

“I have used Remedia for 15+ years. I have never been disappointed. Keep up the good work!”
Ellen Stumpf          

“I am very grateful that you have products written in simple language. My students are hearing impaired. They benefit from the low language activity sheets.”
Juanita McCurdy          

“The merchandise for exceptional students is great. I really enjoy using the life skills to teach a functional curriculum.”
M. P. Smith          

“I really like what I’ve purchased from your company because it is very colorful & geared for students who are in special classes! “
Janice Amerison          

“I am very pleased with all the Remedia products I've purchased. They are right ‘on target’ for my special education students. -Thanks!”
Cheryl Casebeer          

“These products are great!”
Sue Ahern          

“I use lots of Remedia products. With shrinking education budgets, I find Remedia a superb value especially since I supply supplementary materials for grades K-6. I could never meet those kinds of needs at the high cost of most publishers.”
Judy Vinecke          

“Your math programs have been an answer to my prayers! My special students love doing Menu Math and Market Math!”
Maureen Anderson          

“Remedia - I love your materials. They work well in my learning center.”
Anna Brophy          

“Just wanted to let you know that your materials are wonderful. I have a self-contained, multi-categorical room Jr. High. The kids really like the Remedia products!”
Paula Pearsen          

“I love Remedia materials! They are consistently the best materials I have found for remedial students. I also teach primary gifted students, and I find many of the materials are excellent for them! I have never gotten any Remedia material that I have been disappointed with. Keep producing more of the same!”
L. Bloomer          

“I really like your creative materials for lower functioning children. Keep up the excellent work!”
Carol Grimes          

“I purchased the Daily Comprehension: December book from Creative Teaching in Sandusky Ohio. My son loves it! He has trouble with reading but loves this book, so I ordered January, February, and March. I plan to get April and May. Your books are wonderful! They keep my son’s interest and are very informative. Thank You!”
L. Lawwill          

“I love your workbooks! I already have about 15 of them. I am always looking for new materials to work with my students. What a super job you all have done. Many thanks!”
P. Hilderbrand          

“I would like to know if you are planning on expanding your Daily Comprehension Series to include the summer months? We, who faithfully use your workbooks in our classrooms, unfortunately cannot start or end the year with them because we are on year-round and you are not. Please consider this if you already have not. This is one of the best comprehension teaching techniques I have found. Thank you!”
K. Patterson          

“Hi, I am currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cape Verde, a small archipelago off of the coast of West Africa. A colleague of mine lent me a copy of The Five W's -Reading Level Grade 4. While I guess it is not intended for use as English as foreign language text, I have found it to be extremely useful in teaching relatively advanced students here, since the education system here is not very good and consequently students are simply unable to keep up with the assigned textbooks, not to mention the fact that the vast majority of students here don't even own copies of the text. Thank you for your time.”
R. Hudson          

“...I just wanted to say how much my students and I have enjoyed your Daily Comprehension books. I really wish that you would design these books for the summer months. Most of the schools, here in Fresno, are on a year-round schedule. My students really enjoy learning something new about each day of the year. Thanks for your time!”
Ron Scarberry          

“I just HAD to write you and let you know that I'm so PLEASED with my first order that I placed another. I thought my daughter would NEVER learn to outline... we went over it and over it and left on her own, she just could NOT do it ...not until we used your book, REM 1134A – Beginning Outlining! It was below her grade level, but I decided to give it a try anyway she can outline! She can even outline ON HER OWN! The book had such simple steps that she was able to understand them! I'm SO happy! That was the best $8 I've ever spent!”
Cheryl Ryle

“I have used Remedia products for over 31 years. The Human Body Series motivates my students so much in the classroom!”
P. Eckstein, Special Education Teacher

“You have so many appropriate products for older students with learning disabilities. No one else compares!”
Bridget Roy, Special Education Teacher

“Remedia Publications is perfect for my special education students who have reading problems. With Remedia, reading isn’t an issue, and students can focus on what they are trying to learn.”
Samantha Call, Special Education Teacher

“Remedia has materials for older students. Many publishers think that learning stops after elementary school.”
Elizabeth Garnett, Resource Room Teacher

“I love Remedia’s prices, and the way a subject is broken down and progresses. There’s also lots to choose from!”
Susan Haubrock, Special Education Teacher

“Your company has a large inventory of high-interest/low-reader material with appealing graphics that attract plenty of interest for my middle schoolers.”
Fran Kizer, Resource Room & Inclusion

“Love the reading products—they are high interest yet have a low level reading: they are perfect for my students who have reading difficulties.”
C. McCanless, Special Education Teacher

“Remedia products are true to grade level.”
Cherol Brown, Special Education & Inclusion

“Your products are easy to incorporate into our homeschooling!”
Kristina Lopez, Special & Regular Education