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Model: EREM 5245
Grade Level: 6-8Interest Level: 8-12A really practical application of math. Each book includes activities such as reading comprehension, filling out forms, using a glossary, and answering math word problems.The multi-step word problems cover adding and subtracting money, multiplying and dividing money, fig..
Model: EREM 2019NCGC
136 Easy-to-Use Google Classroom Slides Money Lessons & Activities:* Recognizing Coins & Dollars * Counting Money * Spending Money * Going Shopping * Realistic Scenarios * Matching Coins to Prices * Various Ways of Showing an Amount * Money Word Problems * Applying what you've Learned * and ..
Model: EREM 2019RCGC
** SAVE WITH THIS 'REAL-LIFE MATH' MEGA-BUNDLE! ** An Appetizing Approach to Learning Math Skills! ** Includes 773 Colorful Consumer Math Google Classroom Slides & over 2,000 Interactive, Computation & Math Word Problems! **From burgers to burritos, and skateboards to sunglasses, nearly ev..
Model: EREM 2019PCGC
* SUPER BUNDLE SAVINGS! * 668 Life Skills GOOGLE SLIDES! * Colorful & Interactive * Practical Activities that focus on Using a Bank Account, Checkbook, Credit Card, Budgets, Finding Bargains and more! With this easy-to-use program you'll have everything you need for your life skills program, fin..
Model: EREM 4473
Visual Math Activities | Adding Money | Counting Coins | Writing Coin Values | Fun Games | Daily Warm-ups | Task Cards | Money Math. Help students learn to identify coins, count money up to $1.00, and discover the many ways coin values can be written with these visual, hands-on lessons, task cards, and fun g..
Model: EREM 2019AMGC
An Appetizing Approach to Learning Math Skills! ** Includes 367 Colorful Google Classroom Slides & over 1,000 Interactive, "real-life" Math Activities! ** From burgers to burritos, nearly everything you might order from a fast food restaurant can be found on the colorful menus and hands-on activities ..
Model: EREM 2019MDGC
Capture the interest of eager learners and reluctant learners alike with these humor-filled workbooks guaranteed to put a grin on students' and teachers' faces. This series of skill-based activities revolves around a set of comical characters who get involved in silly and absurd situations. Zany illustrations with..
Model: EREM 2019AHGC
* 228 Interactive Google Slides featuring 570 kid-friendly Math Word Problems!! *With this BIG BUNDLE of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division word problems, you'll have an unending supply of sequential lessons! Sure to become a classroom favorite, these colorful Google Slides are perfect for dai..
Model: EREM 2019JDGC
Grade Level: 3-5Interest Level: 3-12Practical life skills! In each of the lessons in this learning unit, students are presented with a graphic illustration of a storefront window display. The drawings feature various items and their prices. It's just like window shopping!Example: The ACME camera in the displa..
Model: EREM 968
Grade Level: 1-8Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-3 Beginning Graphing features 48 pages of hands-on activities involving bar, picture, and line graphs to teach students to retrieve and communicate information. Tables & Graphs includes more than 40 exercises in interpreting and creating a visual present..
Model: EREM 536C
Grade Level: 1-4Interest Level: 1+Reading Level: N/AYour students will love these fun, yet practical collection of activities designed to provide an introduction to the basic concepts of money.The sequential format and step-by-step exercises provide practice and repetition for young learners. The first boo..
Brand: Garlic Press Model: EREM GP240
Focus on key concepts one-step-at-a-time! Starting with Pre-Geometry and progressing through Trigonometry, this series tackles key geometry concepts in smaller lessons. Pre-Geometry sets students up for success by ensuring they have a strong foundation. Topics are more basic and include Lines, angles, rela..
Model: EREM GP204A
Grade Level: PreK-3 The Summer Activities for Fall Readiness series was developed to help students maintain the academic skills they have already acquired and to get a head start on the skills they will learn in the coming school year. These books can also be used anytime during the year to provide prac..
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