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Model: EREM 5011Es
Grade Level: K-2 Interest Level: N/A Reading Level: N/ATurn storytellers into story writers with this skill-based approach to writing. Each of the four units in the bundle guides beginners through the writing process. From learning to recognize sentences to writing their first story, students will be well ..
Model: EREM 2019ANGC
10 Minutes a Day to Better Grammar & Writing Skills! These Daily Google Slides Activities feature short language exercises designed to reinforce key language skills. Used on a daily basis, these spiral review activities will increase student awareness and develop skills in the specific areas of writing and gra..
Model: EREM 966As
IDIOMS | PROVERBS | SIMILES | METAPHORS | HOMOGRAPHS | HETERONYMS"Hold Your Horses!" Do your students need help with idioms? Well let's not "beat around the bush," many students do... These ready-to-use lessons are sure to develop students' language skills! Whether learning about proverbs, idioms, ..
Model: EREM 2214
This Comprehensive Super-Bundle includes 944 Task Cards plus a FREE 15-PageTeacher Guide as a bonus downloadUsing Science of Reading teaching techniques has proved to be an effective way to teach students to read whether they are just starting out or have learned some of the..
Model: EREM 2213
Science of Reading, Comprehension Skills, Reading, Figurative Language Understanding the meaning of any written text is the ultimate goal of all reading programs. This bundle was designed to support just that. In the Science of Reading, Text Comprehension is what developing Phonics and Vocabulary skills is all..
Model: EREM 2206
Vocabulary | Fluency | Reading | Contractions | Abbreviations | Homographs Heteronyms | Homonyms | Word Families | Clipped & Blended Words | Synonyms | Antonyms Help students expand their vocabulary with this comprehensive bundle of 240 Phonics task cards! After learning how to say, spell, and decode words, vo..
Model: EREM 2001s
Grade Level: 2-5 Interest Level: 3-12 Reading Level: N/A350 STEP-BY-STEP LESSONS to teach the writing process! From sentences to paragraphs, book reports to short reports, plus poems, letters & stories... these sequential lessons offer solid hands-on practice designed to improve writing skills for ALL..
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