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Reinforce Consumer Math Skills with this Beginning Money Skills Game

It’s never too early for students to develop an interest in earning, saving, and spending money! With this game, players get realistic practice handling money. As student play the game, they add and subtract money as they take turns earning and spending money with tasks like giving the dog a bath or buying a movie ticket.

This game is open-ended and may conclude when one player has more than $20 or when one player has moved his or her pawn completely around the board.

Using games to teach and reinforce basic skills is a highly effective way to motivate students to learn! This game is ideal for 2-6 players, and is great for small groups and math centers.

Contents Include:
- Gameboard (Black & white and measures 8.5x11" for easy printing!)
- Instructions
- Spinner & Pawns
- Money (Black & white for easy printing if you don't already have play money.)
- 24 "Take A Chance!" Task Cards
- Blank / Editable Task Cards (So you can create unique instructions that grab your students' attention.)

Grade Level: 3-5
Interest Level: 3-12
Reading Level: N/A

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