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Teachers, bundle and save with these budget-friendly sets of reproducible activities to suppliment your reading, writing, math, and science lessons. 

Model: EREM 1100Ds
Grade Level: 2-4Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/AAt last, the answer to the age-old question, "What shall I do now, Teacher?"This innovative, creative, and extremely fun series gives the busy teacher a viable supply of creative activities that will keep students constructively busy and challe..
Model: EREM 465s
Grade Level: N/A Interest Level: 3-12 Reading Level: 1-5Get answers to fascinating "I Wonder..." questions! These high-interest / low readability stories and comprehension activities will appeal to all age groups and will instantly capture readers' attention.Following each story, comprehension activiti..
Model: EREM 960s
Grade Level: K-4 Interest Level: N/A Reading Level: N/AA fun way to build vocabulary! Students search for vocabulary words in each puzzle then answer question that reinforce their understanding.Bundle & Save! All of the materials in this bundle are sold separately on Remedia Digital. Follow the l..
Model: EREM 2001s
Grade Level: 2-5 Interest Level: 3-12 Reading Level: N/AThis inclusive step-by-step series walks students through the writing process giving them solid practice to build on.Students will begin by recognizing and writing unique, complete sentences. Then they develop those sentences into thorough and tho..
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