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Model: EREM 393
A NEW ONE-OF-A-KIND SERIES! A unique concept using daily reading lessons to teach American history.Includes books REM 390, 391, 392 of the Daily Literacy Activities series. Students can work at their own pace according to their ability level. Daily practice helps struggling readers become more literate in..
Model: EREM 2019BBGC
Your students will love these engaging DIGITAL reading lessons!Readers are sure to improve their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling skills as they complete these colorful cloze-reading Google Slides.This activity ensures students slow down and really focus on choosing the "correct" word. Stu..
Model: EREM 2019BAGC
These clever storybooks highlight the Short and Long A, E, I, O, and U sounds, uses a controlled vocabulary, and utilizes high-frequency sight words.For the young and young at heart, these storybooks feature simple writing and hilarious illustrations, ideal for students of all ages who are ready to read words i..
Model: EREM 2019AJGC
275 Google Slides featuring Short, Leveled-Reading Passages & more than 950 Comprehension & Writing Activities! This Differentiation Bundle is terrific for students with short attention spans, struggling readers of all ages, and those who need practice with essential comprehension skills. You'll be amazed ..
Model: EREM 2019ANGC
10 Minutes a Day to Better Grammar & Writing Skills! These Daily Google Slides Activities feature short language exercises designed to reinforce key language skills. Used on a daily basis, these spiral review activities will increase student awareness and develop skills in the specific areas of writing and gra..
Model: EREM 2019AKGC
* High-Interest, Low Readability Fairy Tales with a Twist! * These 40 interactive Google Slides will help students improve reading comprehension skills with short, humorous stories, who, what, when, where, and why questions, and TONS of Cloze Reading practice! Your struggling readers and on-level stud..
Model: EREM 2019ABGC
Your students will love this engaging DIGITAL reading resource for use with Google Drive™!This Bundle comes with 129 digital workbook slides!Each slide includes an appealing mini-story story-related questions to test comprehension. Besides questions relating directly to the story, additional questions are ..
Model: EREM 2019ACGC
42 Google Slides designed to give students LOTS of Cloze-Reading Practice!A great way to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and more!Each slide includes an appealing short story. Students fill in the blanks with words from the word box at the top of each slide. This activity ensures studen..
Model: EREM 2019ADGC
"Why does hair turn gray?" "Does a Giraffe have a voice?" "Do fish sleep?" Find the answers to these questions and more while teaching essential reading comprehension skills. This intriguing series answers the questions you've probably been asked a million times! These high-interest / low vocabulary stories, pict..
Model: EREM 2019AEGC
75 Google Slides! Capture readers' attention while teaching essential comprehension skills with this interactive series that answers questions you've probably been asked a million times!Learn the answers with these high-interest / low vocabulary Google Slides stories and comprehension activities. Best of all, ..
Model: EREM 2019ALGC
"I wonder... why does popcorn pop?" "Can two people have the same fingerprints?" "Why do we use money?" "How many stars are there?"Capture readers' attention while teaching essential comprehension skills with this interactive Google Classroom series that answers questions you've probably been asked a million t..
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