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Google Classroom™ Activities: Finding the Facts : Distance Learning

Google Classroom™ Activities: Finding the Facts : Distance Learning
Google Classroom™ Activities: Finding the Facts : Distance Learning

Your students will love this engaging DIGITAL reading resource for use with Google Classroom!™

Readers are sure to improve their specific reading skills as they complete the 15 slides designed to target a specific reading comprehension skill. This set of slides focuses on Finding the Facts.


Contents Include:
- PDF Download (with Link to Slides)
- 15 Google Slides
- Tips for Use

Each slide includes an appealing story followed by simple, story-related questions to test comprehension. The stories begin with a vocabulary of one-syllable words and progress to stories that include some multi-syllable words.

About this Product:

Part of the The Specific Skill Builders series, this section was created to give students targeted practice with Finding the Facts- a key comprehension skill. By focusing on one comprehension skill at a time, struggling readers will have an opportunity to master that skill and improve overall reading and comprehension skills.


This section includes 15 high-interest short stories featuring a variety of fiction and nonfiction topics. The word count of the stories ranges from 141 to 155 words. They are written at a 3.0-4.5 reading level, to make them suitable for a wide range of students.


Each story is numbered rather than given a title. The final activity on each slide asks the student to write a title for the story. Having the student write a title is often a very effective way to determine the student's level of understanding about the main idea of the story. The engaging illustrations were designed to bring the story to life and help capture the interest of reluctant readers. The questions specifically focus on helping students Find the Facts.


Introducing the Skill:

Being able to find the facts in a story is a basic, yet essential comprehension skill. It will help lay the foundation for success in mastering other comprehension skills. To introduce this skill, explain to students that facts are small bits of information that make up the whole of a story. These specific details usually tell who, what, when, where, and how. Names of people and places, dates, times, and numbers give us the facts in a story.


For example: Ask students to list some facts about their school. What is the name of the school? Where is it located? How many students attend the school?

Students who are successful readers pay close attention to the facts in a story. Knowing the facts is essential to fully comprehending the meaning of a story.


Question Format:

Two types of questions are included on each slide. There are questions that require written answers and multiple-choice questions. Questions 1-3 are multiple-choice questions. Questions 4 and 5 ask students to write facts from the story.

Reading Level 3.0-4.0

Google Classroom™ Activities
If you've been looking for a way to integrate technology into your classroom, this is your answer. And the best part is you don't have to print, cut, laminate, or replace when you lose's all DIGITAL!

The purchase of this Google Classroom™ Activity includes a PDF that gives you access via a web link to the digital resource.

You do not have to be a Google Classroom to use this.

This is not an app and does NOT have sound or a "click to see if the answer is right" option for students. You will need internet access to initially download.

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