5 W's Task Cards (Reading Level 1-2)

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Interest Level: 2-12
Reading Level: 1-2

Students read the hilarious passages then answer who, what, when, where, & why questions designed to test comprehension. Each of the 75 funny passages focusses on one of the Five W questions at a time.

Each task card is written in the form of a "newspaper article." The laugh-out-loud stories are about a fictional town called Bovine City. Whacky characters and obscure events happen in the town and are reported in the Bovine City News.

These high-interest/low readability task cards can be used with individuals or small groups to help improve comprehension skills. Simply download, print, cut, and play! These will be a favorite with reluctant and struggling readers as well as those performing on grade level.

Skill Introduction:
- 75 Task Cards / Stories & Questions
- Introduction of Basic 5 W's Concepts
- 30- to 50-Word Stories

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